Our Story

At Carter Home Interiors, we are two sisters who specialize in creating beautiful but practical living spaces at any budget level. We believe that no matter what you want to spend or where you live, every person and family can have a beautiful home that brings them lots of joy and a sense of calm. We do everything from helping to create a cohesive look by accessorizing your house to working side-by-side with contractors managing major construction projects. 

With backgrounds in fine art, set, costume, and culinary design, we take everything we have learned from our creative careers and apply it towards helping our clients achieve their design goals. As working moms, we understand the busy schedules people juggle and the desire to have one's home be a sanctuary for peace and calm, creating a space which is both livable and beautiful.

Our Top 5 Most-Frequented Communities:

  • Concord, MA

  • Boston, MA

  • Weston, MA

  • Lexington, MA

  • Sudbury, MA